Figures suggest that acquiring an injury from a bus accident or coach accident is rather common in modern society. Due to the growth of motor-vehicle road users and increased levels of use in the public transport sector, sustaining an injury from a bus accident whilst being passenger is more likely. If your journey on a bus or coach has led you to incur an injury, then you may be inclined to carry out a ‘Bus Accident Claim’ and receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.

However, in order to pursue such a claim, important and relevant details will need to be provided to our road traffic accident claims lawyers to help you on your case. This would include; time and date of the accident, place of occurrence, route number and registration plate of the bus and the bus drivers name. In addition, you should have also retained your bus ticket as further proof of your presence at the scene.

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The responsibility of ensuring passenger safety to customers, who use bus or coach services, falls on the bus company, as well as the driver. The bus company must ensure that the bus and its services meet the safeguarding regulations and are suitable for customer use. While, the bus driver is responsible for driving passengers to and from destinations in a careful and reliable manner.

Due to the growth of motor-vehicle road users and increased congestion on the road, buses are shown little respect by other road users and results in accidents occurring. Often, other road users show little patience and refuse to stop when allowing time for buses to pull out, while others will attempt to over-take busses in inappropriate circumstances. If the injury you developed was not the bus driver’s fault, you can claim through the motorists insurance. However, if the bus company or driver is at fault, their insurance should compensate for your injuries.

Injuries on a bus can develop in numerous, this includes; slipping on wet floors, tripping on the stairs and being thrown off your seats due to harsh breaking, unnecessary acceleration or from the bus cutting corners at high speeds.

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