In recent times, cycling has become very popular amongst the public. With fuel prices increasing and motor vehicle owners having to pay road tax every year, it is seen as cheaper, more economically friendly way of travelling.

Whilst, the number of cyclists on the road is increasing every year, so is the number of motor-vehicle users, this in turn has led to a dramatic increase in cyclists accidents. Due to increased road congestion it is very difficult to see cyclists and so they are more vulnerable and prone to injuries/accidents. If you have incurred an injury through a cycle accident, in which you were the victim, then you may be inclined to make a claim for compensation.

In addition, cyclists are also susceptible to incur an injury due to road conditions, this includes; icy and wet surfaces which are very slippery, potholes and other road defects. If you have fallen victim to a cyclist accident and have developed an injury, the individual who caused the accident is held accountable and liable for a compensation claim to be made against them.

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Cycle Accident Statistics

A study carried out in 2007, highlighted that over 16,000 cycle accidents were filed in the UK alone. However, that figure is understood to be much greater as not all cases were reported. In addition, that year 2,500 cyclists were either killed or left in critical condition. Furthermore, 25% of these victims were children aged 16 and under, with nearly 90% of the accidents occurring in urban areas at junctions and roundabouts.