There is an extensive amount of risks involved in the operation of forklift trucks. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 Act discloses the health and safety guidelines regarding forklift trucks. Regulation 17 states, vehicles must have enough space to safely maneuver and carry out tasks, without endangering nearby pedestrians in the surrounding area. Employers must also ensure that they provide employees with sufficient training, before operating the vehicle and commencing on jobs such as lifting palettes and heavy crates to and from destinations. If you have fallen victim and encountered an injury while operating a forklift truck, you may be inclined to claim for compensation.

Forklift trucks if not handled correctly can be very dangerous, not just for the person operating the vehicle, but also fellow colleagues and pedestrians in the surrounding area. Figures highlight that on average there are 8000 forklift truck accidents every year in the UK alone, 12 of which result in death. Many of these deaths could have simply been avoided, if employers had provided sufficient training to all employees in this particular field.

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Causes of Forklift Truck Accidents:

There are several ways in which incidents involving forklift trucks can cause injury, this includes:

  • Forklift truck crushes colleague or nearby pedestrian into another vehicle or object.
  • Palettes or heavy crates falling from the truck onto nearby colleagues or pedestrians.
  • Forklift truck falls over due to imbalance of heavy load.
  • Forklift truck hits another vehicle or object.

To reduce the risk of an accident occurring, employers should provide high visibility jackets and helmets. They should also carry out regular tests and checks on equipment, to ensure there is no faulty machinery.

By law, your employer is obligated to have liability insurance on their premises; this protects and covers them if an accident occurs in which a claim for compensation can be constituted. Therefore, your employer will not be affected financially if you decide to make a claim. Thus, the compensation you receive, that accounts for time off work, will not put a strain on your working relationship.