With the expanding nature of technology having a radical impact on modern day business, the need for increased numbers of computers in office has led to the figures of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) claims to coincide. Constant repetition of the same movements for more than 8 hours a day, can lead to an injury developing in integral parts of the body such as the neck, hands, wrists or even the fingers. If you are currently experiencing/suffering from RSI and deem you have acquired this injury from work, then you may be inclined to make a claim for compensation.

The responsibility of educating employees on the potential dangers of RSI and the encouragement of procedures to avoid it, fall on the employer. If you believe your employer has failed this responsibility and as a result you have fallen victim to RSI, then your employer is accountable to pay you compensation.

Symptoms of RSI

The severity of repetitive strain injuries depends on the conditions in which the injury was first developed and also on the physicality of the victim. Some common symptoms of RSI include; muscle fatigue, puffiness and swelling of affected area, increased stiffness in hands, wrists and neck, loss of grip in hands and regular pain in joints when undertaking everyday activities. Although, less serious cases of RSI can be treated, the more severe cases are dangerous and can lead to a permanent disability.

Ergonomics has illustrated to be the most effective solution in preventing repetitive strain injuries developing in office environments. Ergonomics specifically focuses on posture and the positioning of the arms and legs when sat at a desk. Employees should have been educated to keep their back upright and straight, wrists parallel to the keyboard and feet flat on the ground, while bending their knees at a right angle. In addition, their seat should be correctly positioned to allow the computer screen be stood at eye level. Also, ergonomic inspired keyboards, mice and seats can be added to office environments to further reduce the risk of employees developing RSI.

Making a Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation Claim

Employees from a range of industries can fall victim to repetitive strain injuries. For example, Construction workers, who use heavy tools on a daily basis, can develop pain in the arms, wrists and hands. While, commercial vehicle drivers can attain them injuries too, they can also develop pain and aches in their legs.

Figures show from an investigation conducted in 2008, in the UK alone, 68% of workers suffered from some variety of Repetitive Strain Injury. However, with most households now possessing some sort of computer device, it is difficult to pinpoint the entirety of the cause of RSI on the working environment.

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