In the UK, falling from height registers under the most common cause of injury at work. They also pose the likeliest threat to sustaining a major injury. The injuries encountered from falling from height can range from minor injuries like fractures and broken bones, to more serious injuries such as paralysis, concussion, brain injuries and even death.

Due to The Work at Height Regulations Act of 2005, the responsibility of ensuring employee safety when working from height is a legal requirement and duty from any employer in this field of work. The act establishes safety regulations and guidelines that employers must follow to ensure a high standard of safety is upheld. However, if these safety regulations and guidelines have not been met, and as a result you have incurred an injury, then you may be inclined to pursue a ‘Work Accident Compensation Claim’. Employers have insurance, which allows them to compensate if one of their employees make a claim against them.

Falling from height can happen from numerous different situations. The most frequent accidents, which cause an injury include:

  • Falls from ladders, which have not been maintained appropriately and are not suited to the particular job.
  • Falling through a roof, as safety regulations and guidelines were not upheld and followed respectively.
  • A fall through a skylight, as employees have not been educated and made aware about the potential dangers.
  • Falling off scaffolding site, as scaffolds have not been maintained to safety regulation standard.

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