All sports withhold some form of danger, if a person falls victim to injury because of the sports activity and were not in control to prevent it, then compensation can be claimed. However, it is important for clients to understand that Michael and Sherms do not hold responsibility or accept claims for injuries that arise from controlled and fair trivial activities such as tackling, play fighting etc.

A public event can withstand a vast amount of people. Particularly, motor sport and cricket events can summon large and raucous crowds. Due to this disordered behaviour, offensive and aggressive actions arise between fans in disagreement are more likely to arise. A substantial amount of injuries, especially violent and severe incidents are primarily enforced because of the minimal number of security present at ground to prevent the act.

Examples of Sports Injury Claims

There are a plethora of ways incidents at sport events can arise. Example of such include:

illegal and vicious encounters or fights

defective sports equipment

injury in consequence of a damaged pitch

inadequate supervision during training

un/underqualified trainer

raucous and disordered crowd behaviour

injury due to overcrowding

As these are just examples of a few of the injuries one could claim for, there are many more that qualify for compensation. To enquire further on this, clients should contact Michael and Sherms Legal Services.

It is essential that players and fans during a sports game are protected from distasteful slurs to violent attacks. Whether this be controlled by security or referee is not of high concern as long as the people responsible for overseeing the game keep the safety of the people their utmost priority and carry it out to a high and professional standard. Contact sports naturally come with tackles and minor injuries which must be fair and within rule limits, however if these games are not overlooked and procedures are not carried out by a member of security, then these boundaries can be crossed and foul play can rise. Meaning no protection is ensured.

It is with the same degree of importance that members of the crowd are protected and overlooked by authority to ensure crowd safety is established. Supervision must be accounted for during all times to prevent any persons becoming liable to injury.

Making a Sports Injury Claim for Compensation

Michael and Sherms hold the most qualified personal injury lawyers with expertise in every field of injury compensation. We take pride in providing clients with valuable and proficient knowledge so that maximum compensation can be claimed each time. It is rightly believed that an injury arised by fault not of one’s own should be dealt justly and allowed compensation. 

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