Many dog attacks can be fatal with a substantial proportion of them being treated in A&E for full recovery. Unfortunately, young children are posed at a higher threat often due to their vulnerability and smaller body size to your average adult, making them easier targets.

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Designated owners of selective breeds must register their dog and abide to rules and regulations submitted by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. If laws are not adhered to then the owner can face prosecution. It is the owner’s responsibility to be aware of if the breed they possess falls under this Act.

A dog bite can leave a person with vicious attacks and physical injuries, many of which can leave permanent scarring and remain for a lifetime. Injuries can be incredibly severe and fatal, ranging from infections to skin punctures and fractured bones. Psychological injuries can also develop from such traumatic events, the anxiety and distress caused by such an incident can leave a person diagnosed with illnesses such the likes of depression and insomnia.

Despite the seriousness of a dog bite it is vital to point out that a dog bite claim may not hold the same significance as an alternative injury claim. Successful cases are ones that clearly demonstrate that the dog of concern had previous cases of aggressive behaviour. This should often be indicated by police reports of that dog displaying violence. The owner will be held accountable for any injuries or harm in public caused from the dog.

What to do if you have been attacked by a dog

In order to pursue a claim for compensation, important and relevant details will need to be provided to our solicitors to help you on your case. This would include; time and date of the accident, place of occurrence, identifying the dog owners name and address, as well as the names and addresses of any eye witnesses who were present at the scene. Your injuries must be examined by a medical professional and in addition to this, you should have also taken photographic evidence of any injuries you may have incurred. 

If you have fallen victim and pursue a dog bite claim, the dog owners themselves or their home insurance is liable and accountable for paying you compensation. However, in certain situation it is possible to pursue a claim through Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, though that would depend on the circumstances of the attack.

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