There are an increasing number of motor vehicle users, who do not abide by the law and drive with no insurance. In the UK alone, there are over 900,000 individuals who drive without proper insurance cover and the total cost of the damage caused by uninsured drivers, estimates to over £380 million. Although, they have no insurance, a claim for compensation against them can still pursued using the MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau). At Michael & Sherms Legal Claim and Injury we can provide you with the expert assistance you require. 

Incidents involving uninsured drivers are increasing every year; approximately one in twenty cars will collide and have an accident with an uninsured vehicle. Motor vehicle road users, who drive without any insurance, are on average to be three times more likely to have committed previous driving offences and ten times more likely to be over the legal drink-drive limit. On average, over £30 a year is taken from our insurance premium to fund the cost of paying for the damages caused by uninsured drivers. However, most individuals would agree, it is morally wrong for a law-abiding citizen to suffer at the hands of a law breaking one, thus they should be entitled to claim compensation that helps with the personal injuries they have incurred or at least for the damage done to their vehicle.

The rules for claiming from the Motor Insurers Bureau for an incident that involved an accident occurring with an uninsured driver, differs from other cases as the MIB is unlikely to pay legal fees. Therefore, It is essential that you attain a top-class lawyer, to increase the chance of securing maximum compensation.

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